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  Consulting, Website Design, and Hosting

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  • Website Development

    Complete design and development of custom websites. All new implementations are responsive, supporting browsers on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • Website Hosting

    Hosting of a website can be either on our server or on a web host of your choosing (provided that they support the software requirements of the website).

  • Software Development

    Design and development of custom software applications. Such applications may be stand-alone programs, or applications supporting web-based initiatives.

  • Consulting

    Consulting is available to offer clients advice for decision-making. Such third-party opinions are often valuable when difficult decisions must be made.

  • SEO

    Search engine optimization gets your website visible to your potential customers, by improving its position in search results.

  • Help & Support

    Questions or problems are responded to quickly. Clients may use email, phone, or a web-based support chat application.


Over 40 years of software design and development experience.

  • Operating Systems

    Configuration and software development on the following systems:

    • IBM (z/OS and z/VM)
    • Red Hat Linux
    • Debian Linux
    • Ubuntu Linux
  • Web Infrastructure

    Configuration and development using these components:

    • Apache Web Server
    • MySql Databases
    • SSL Server Certificates
    • WordPress
    • Email
  • Web Programming

    Website development using the following languages:

    • HTML
    • PHP
    • SQL
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
  • Application Programming

    Application development using the following languages:

    • Java
    • C
    • PHP
    • Bash
    • ooRexx
  • IBM zSeries Only

    Configuration and use of the following:

    • z/OS and z/VM systems
    • RACF
    • TSO
    • VTAM
    • Assembler Language
    • REXX