About Website Hosting

I am not a direct website host! That is, I do not personally have the computers and the direct connections to the internet (or the communications expertise) to host your website. Website hosting companies employ the personnel and have the equipment to perform that function. I do however, have a private server managed by Internet Connection on which I can host your website if you so desire. This would get you the the hardware and internet connectivity of Internet Connection, but support and billing for services would come from me.

Alternatively, you can direct me to use Internet Connection directly for your website. In that case, support and billing for hosting would be through Internet Connection. I would still be the support for the content of your website.

When I design and built a website for you, I will deploy that website onto a host of your choice, providing that they meet the technical requrements to operate the website. The choice of a website host is an important one for the future and performance of your website. I can help you make that choice!

All Hosting Companies Are Not Created Equal!

Please be cautious when choosing a hosting company, and let the old saying "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" be your guide. Many companies advertise riduculously low monthly fees (usually with a contract that locks you in for a long period of time.) They do this by using one or all of the following:

  • Limiting bandwidth (the rate at which your website can send pages to the viewer).
  • Limiting or charging additional fees for total monthly pages sent beyond to certain amount.
  • Limiting or charging additional for database storage.
  • Overloading servers, resulting in very slow performance.

Each of these factors can dramatically affect the performance of your website, leading to slower delivery of web pages and potential loss of customers for your site. In addition, the additional fees you may encounter might make your "good deal" not so good after all. In web hosting, you truly do "get what you pay for!"

Why I Recommend Internet Connection

I have heard the frustrations that some of my customers have had with other well-known (and heavily advertised) hosting companies. That is why I recommend my clients use the company Internet Connection for their web hosting when I design and build a website. I have worked with them as a partner for many websites, and my clients are pleased with the performance of their websites. I have had a personal relationship with the company president for over 20 years, and he has never failed to "go the extra mile" for his company's clients.

Internet Connection offers the following advantages when you choose them to host your website:

  • A Tier 1 connection to the Internet.
  • The latest underlying software stack (Linux, PHP, MySQL, email servers and clients, etc.)
  • Excellent technical support, should there ever be a problem.
  • A partner-relationship with Anderson Consulting Services.

If you approve the use of Internet Connection to host your website, I will handle all the details of getting your domain name and initiating your hosting contract with them. I will give you all the details of your cost for approval prior to making any commitments.