On-Site Consulting Services

I offer a wide range of on-site consulting services, from single-day reviews to longer-term development and support contracts.

Terms for these services will vary with the nature and duration of the assignment, but typically would be billable on a time and expenses basis, with an hourly/daily rate appropriate to the nature of the assignment.

When would my services be beneficial to your company? Three common situations are discussed below...

Loss of Critical Skills

An unfortunate reality of today's IT environment is that your company may be losing the personnel possessing the skill set that helped you build your company's critical IT systems and applications. That loss may result from retirements or simply personnel leaving for greater compensation elsewhere. Regardless of the reason, it can leave a skill shortage that will become a crisis when a problem occurs or a new application must be developed quickly in response to business needs.

With the experience and the skill set that I have developed over many years, I can offer short-term development and/or technical lead services to allow your company to get through periods of skill shortage, while you attempt to address the longer-term solution of acquiring the in-house skilled personnel.

Third-party Reviews

When a decision has to be made with regard to the design of a new application or the solution to a problem in an existing application, sometimes the in-house staff are too close to the decision, with too many vested interests in the outcome.

In these situations, I can provide the unencumbered third-party reviewer of the situatiion and offer an independent opinion about what I believe is the best course of action to take. By proceeding in ths way, your company can get another point-of-view in your decision-making process.

After all, it is your business that may depend on the correct decision!

Peaks and Valleys

Your company staffs its IT personnel based on its nominal workload. No company can staff skilled personnel for the situation when the workload of businss-critical activities suddenly peaks, and you find that, good as it is, you simply don't have the number of heads to do all the work. You can try to prioritize the work, deferring some projects to accomplish others. But what if that isn't enough?

 I can offer short-term development and/or technical lead services to allow your company to get through periods of skill shortage, allowing you to get through this kind of demand peaks. After all, you couldn't acquire skilled permanent personnel quickly enough, and the long-term cost of doing so would be prohibitive.