About Richard Anderson


I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, and was educated at Bucknell University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. By the time I left college I knew that the computer software field was where my future would be. For the last 24 years I have lived on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore.

Below is a very brief summary of previous full-time positions I have held with two major aerospace corporations. Since these positions were in a classified environment, only some of my work can be discussed here.

GE Aerospace (1981-1992)

Designed and developed middleware for IBM mainframe operating systems, primarily in Assembly language. Among the software designed and developed were:

  • Designed and developed an advanced display support system, which allowed TSO users to control and interact with multiple address spaces on the same LPAR. Also designed and developed were commands allowing one address space to create and communicate with subordinate address spaces, all controlled by a single 3270 display session.
  • Designed and developed a security solution, augmenting ACF2, providing multilevel security (MLS) to allow a government customer secure access to multiple security compartments. This solution was approved for operation by the government, and was in use for over 20 years.

Lockheed Martin (1992-2015)

Designed and developed software for Solaris, Linux, z/OS, and z/VM. Subject Matter Expert on RACF Multilevel Security (MLS) and z/OS Unix.

  • In support of government contracts, authored MLS requirements, attended design reviews at IBM, and performed early-release testing of RACF MLS. Designed and developed tools to aid the conversion from the contractor-built MLS system to the IBM RACF implementation. Transition to RACF operations was completed on time and without disruption.
  • Designed and developed a Java webapp to administer the various functions of z/OS Unix. Filesystem mounts, cron, syslogs, and application server management were only a few of the z/OS Unix functions managed, globally and/or locally on multiple LPARs.
  • Designed and developed a z/VM web-based application for cloning and managing Red Hat Linux guests. The cloning process managed multiple VLANs, DNS changes, LDAP client configuration, and RACF security. All operations were administered via web browser.